Sunset Cruise: 

departs 1 hour before sunset daily. (*)Weather Permitting & depending on number of interested passengers.


Most days from 2:00pm, earlier times available; just give us a call.

Saturday & Sunday:

Morning Trips     9am - noon
Afternoon Trips 12:30 - 3:30pm

Mangrove Private Tour

Duration 3 Hours

See the Backcountry and Mangroves with Stand Up Paddle board (2 available) or stable 2 person Kayaks (2 available) . Get up close and personal with nature as you wind  your way through the mangrove rivers.

Dates & Prices
Depart date

It's like stepping back in time as you paddle silently through the Mangroves, wondering what's around the next bend. This tour is specially designed for those who prefer a little bit of a workout during their tour. See the intricate root structures and abundant wildlife in the water and throughout the trees. Mangroves are an integral part of a healthy Reef System.