Private Boat Experience

Skip the crowded boats and join us for a trip on a private boat tour of Key West, and more...

For as little as $95 per person, you and up to 5 of your friends can experience Key West with a personal touch. On those crowded boats you snorkel with dozens of people and wait in line. Wouldn't you rather have a relaxed experience, exploring Key West's surrounding waters on a safe, stable, and fast power catamaran? We are a quick boat and able to go into shallow water so, you'll spend more time relaxing at your ultimate destination and activity. We go everywhere!

You have options:

When you book with Leisure Cat Adventure Tours, you have many options. We are not a one-trip-boat, our boat is very versatile. We take you to the reef, Mangrove Islands, Back-Country, Sandbars, and Dolphin Playground and many other places. If you prefer a slower pace, then try our Kayak Adventures, or even Sailing.   That's right, we have every trip imaginable so you're not limited to just one experience.  With a multi-day pass you can do a number of things around the island; just call for information. 


Customized Trips

We have lots of options for your time on the water while in Key West. 

When you book a trip with Leisure Cat Adventure Tours, you'll have a boating experience Key West on your terms.  Far from the "Cattle Boat" tours; with Leisure Cat Adventure tours you can call the shots. Our versatile boat can take you to places many others simply can't go. We will work with you to make sure that the part of your precious vacation time you choose to spend on the water with us is enjoyable.  

You can select from our 8 tour options, or if you like, we can work together to create a unique experience built just for you. Whether you simply want to tour the islands, or have a relaxing day on a secluded beach, we'll help you build the perfect trip. In either case; one of our trips or one of your own design, our goal is to provide you with a great Key West experience.

Have a look at our Adventures & Tours tab, and book a trip or Contact Us directly if you have questions or need more information.

Fins!!!! Come out on a Dolphin Watching Tour today.

Come out to find some Dolphin with us and get a personal tour of Key West Harbor and Sunset Key.  This is not your typical "Cattle Boat" experience, where you struggle to get a good view, squeezing between dozens of people, or standing on your tip-toes trying to catch a glimpse of a dolphin; we can take you to places those other tours can't or won't be able to go, and you'll have a front row seat every time. 

We can modify your Dolphin Watching experience to suit your wants and needs. If you like Snorkeling, we can stop by for a dip in the water... if you want to spend more time touring around the island, we can do that. Remember, this is not your typical Bulk Cattle Boat tour.  


(Light snacks and beverages; as well as wine and beer for those over the age of 21, included)